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Balter Medical develops and commercialises medical applications of Optical Transfer.


Balter Medical was established in Bergen, Norway in 2001 by Prof. Jakob J. Stamnes and Prof. Knut Stamnes. The company has successfully developed a medical imaging device (DermoSight dermatoscope) and a diagnostic algorithm (DermoSight algorithm) for detecting anomalies in human tissue. The DermoSight technology is based on Optical Transfer, which allows one to see underneath the skin surface. Balter Medical is part of the DeepX Health group.

The first Balter Medical OTD application is a DermoSight dermatoscope supported by a DermoSight algorithm to assist in the diagnosis of skin cancer, particularly melanoma. DermoSight dermatoscopes are currently being used in tele-dermatology services in France and UK; we expect the associated DermoSight algorithm to be available in 2021 following a large-scale international pivotal trial. The DermoSight algorithm will give the user a diagnostic indication in real-time.

The DermoSight technology is completely safe and non-invasive, and no pre-treatment is required. The technology may be applied in many clinical diagnostic procedures where the naked eye or simple photographic imaging is not sufficient to obtain an accurate diagnosis, especially suitable for skin or near-surface internal examinations and surgeries.

DermoSight is a platform technology that can be applied to a broad array of optical diagnostic instruments for tissue characterisation in multiple organ systems. In addition, cosmetic, forensic, and industrial applications are possible. Future medical applications may include endoscopy mounting of the camera for the interrogation and diagnosis of internal tissue abnormalities such as in lungs, the gastrointestinal tract, the esophagus, as well as oral and cervical mucosal membranes.  

Balter Medical is a part of the DeepX Health group

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